I Write Lifestyle Articles


I write for people who want to know more, whether they’re in the kitchen, a new country, or are raising their kids in the middle of nowhere. My readers want to get the facts, laugh a little, think a lot, and understand how their choices impact the world around them.

When I write, I draw on my experiences of teaching English as a second language, communicating in foreign languages, and from the skills and perspectives that I’ve gained while living abroad.

My writing has been featured in magazines such as Central Washington’s Pulse and Ion’s Optimum Nutrition, and on websites such as thelumberingelephant.com and strongbodystrongmind.com. Check out my portfolio and blog pages to read my clips or contact me at yeshidolmawrites@gmail.com.

When I’m Not Writing


Somewhere in Northern India.

…you can find me wandering through spice markets, drinking tea, weaving, spinning fibres into yarn, or going on adventures with my not-so-little kids.